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Alarming Box Wraps or Spider Wrap - AM

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Minimum quantity for "Alarming Box Wraps or Spider Wrap - AM" is 10.

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Product Name:

Alarming Box Wraps or Spider Wraps

SIZE: Large

Product Application:Securely display haig value packaged products . . . electrical goods, DVD Players, PS2, X-Box, Nintendo . .  
Product Description: The Alarming Wrap will protect packaged merchandise of varying sizes. The self-adjusting mechanism keeps the lanyards from becoming twisted, and the alarm sounds if a lanyard is cut. Also, the integrated EAS technology will initiate systems alarm at store exit.
Minimum Order Quantity:10
Frequency:58KHz - AM
System Compatibility:

ALL Acousto-Magnetic (AM) or 58 KHz Retail Tagging Systems including;

zldrs2 Sensormatic Label

Sensormatic Ultra*Max® , WG Systems®, ViTag®, Tag Company® , Gateway®, EAS Trader, Dexilon . . . in fact every brand of AM anti shop theft system. 

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